Second time’s a charm

LUSU by-election successful with 14.9% voter turnout

Danny Bacsa

After a disastrous Board of Directors election three weeks ago where student turnout didn’t even approach the 10% required for quorum, a by-election was scheduled to be held early last week. After modest student turnout this time around, the elections were successful.
1160 students (14.9% of the student body) came out to vote in the second election, more than doubling the original turnout. Tasked with overseeing the executive officers of LUSU, the board of directors consists of thirteen students elected from the student population at large, and serve a term of one year.
Out of the fifteen candidates, the thirteen elected were: John Coccimiglio, Ashley Cerquiera, Genevieve Munroe, Robert Deleo, Andrew Gibson, Ayoub Ansari, Byron Blandon-Becerra, Brent Moyer, David Bates, Slim Babay, Angeleen McCollum, Tina Hall, and Katie Spurvie.
While the response to the new by-election was significantly better than the last one, some students didn’t feel the need to vote a second time around. “The first time, I voted because they needed people to vote,” said one student who asked to remain anonymous. “I didn’t vote this time. Obviously it was a waste of time the first time. Maybe if [the candidates] made more of an effort to let people know what they were doing, I would have been more interested.”
Despite the lack of attention paid to the LUSU board, student union president Mike Snoddon was insistent on its importance. “Board is needed… It is the oversight [over the President and VPs],” he said.
Although the board is a vital component of LUSU, the union has apparently failed to make clear this importance to the rest of the student body. “I’m not really sure what the board of directors does,” is a common phrase amongst students when asked about board candidates.     Snoddon is looking to change all of that, however. “We have two elections per year,” he says, “one in the fall and one in the winter.” He wants to move the board elections to coincide with the LUSU elections in the winter, in order to make them more prominent, and ensure that students are aware of the importance of their choice.
The new board will officially take office on November 12th, undergo board training that weekend, and sit for their first meeting on the 18th.