A slow Friday night

Above: Director Slim Babay called into question LUSU’s handling of the recently-rejected executive elections at last Friday’s Board of Directors meeting


Uneventful board meeting as LUSU prepares for revote on tossed election

Danny Bacsa

Last Friday’s Board of Directors meeting lasted a little over an hour and, barring a few questions over board’s decision to toss out the LUSU elections the week before, was uneventful.

Technical difficulties in the video conferencing system prevented the meeting from starting on time, delaying the call to order by about twenty minutes as President Mike Snoddon tried to connect the television to Orillia. Eventually, the campus – where VP Finance Chris Vaillant was present with Directors Dana Shaughnessy and Mathew Chiappetta – was connected via telephone.

Director Slim Babay made note that the board did not follow proper procedure when moving to reject the election last week. His issue was that Vaillant had made a motion to reconsider the Chief Returning Officer’s report, when the board had already been directed to do so by students at a general meeting the day before. Babay had been absent from the board since before February 25th’s heated meeting regarding election irregularities.

Chairperson Tina Hall responded by saying that Robert’s Rules had been suspended, thus making Vaillant’s motion acceptable.

“It’s in the Corporations Act,” he responded, “and it’s in our Constitution that we are [bound] by what happens at the [general meeting].”

“Is that the Federal or the Provincial [Corporations Act]?” asked Snoddon.

Babay answered that he was certain it was the Federal Act, to which Snoddon replied that LUSU is not bound by the Federal Act, since it is a Provincial entity.

“It’s also in our Constitution,” Babay shot back. “It’s just procedural errors. If we’re reconsidering a motion, then technically that motion should be brought up next, not a different motion.”

University tries to duck cost of flood

Snoddon reported that the university attempted to pin the cost of repairing water damage to the Gender Issues and Aboriginal Awareness Centres on LUSU. After a quick review of their joint management agreement, it was made clear to the school that they are responsible for the structure, and LUSU is responsible only for the contents of the offices.

“The GIC will be open for the rest of the academic year,” announced GIC Director Dave Ivany.

The transcript of the in-camera session leading up to the board’s rejection of the election results on March 4th is currently being transcribed and will be sent to the Argus after being approved by the Directors. The board decided to release the information at the last meeting to clarify its rationale for rejecting the election in the face of student criticism.

Polls for the re-vote will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and LUSU is accepting absentee ballots from anyone not able to make it to the polls on campus. Students are urged to refer to the email that was sent out last week or to call the LUSU office for more information. The next board meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 5pm.

Article photo by Danny Bacsa (Argus)