LUSU candidates enter the running, VPSI acclaimed

Above: CRO Daenis Camire (left) addresses board and executive hopefuls during all-candidates meeting


Board, VP Student Issues acclaimed

Erin Collins
News Editor

The all-candidates meeting last Friday marked the close to nominations for aspiring LUSU executives and board members. Following the campaign period from September 26th to October 10th, advanced polls are set for Thursday, October 6th with general polls on October 11th and 12th.

After the candidates were herded into the board room, Chief Returning Officer Daenis Camire laid out the ground rules before turning them lose: no campaign materials in the Outpost, LUSU, the centres, or the Argus; no verbal campaigning in the LUSU office; and all campaign materials must be approved by the CRO before use.

In addition, there is a cap on campaign expenses for executive totaling $300.

Camire also presented his “points system,” which he will use to deal with any election mischief. Each candidate starts off with a clean slate, and any second infraction would disqualify a candidate.

Examples of punishable misconduct include a failure to remove posters by the end of the campaign period or organizing campaign activities that require clean-up by others.

The Vice President Student Issues position was acclaimed because no other candidate registered for the ticket, giving Neva Bassingthwaite a second term.

Those running for the board of directors are Mason Ainsworth and Jennah Carere from Orillia, as well as Steven Acroyd, Ayoub Ansari, David Cardiff, John Coccimiglio, Joshua de Amicis, Andrew Gibson, Tina Hall, Nate Hansford, Adam Methot, Margaret Ryan, Patrick Smoke, Katie Spurvey, and Emma Whiteside from Thunder Bay.

Executive candidates running in the election are Michael Snoddon (Incumbent) and Slim Babay for President; and Robert Deleo and David Scherbarth for Vice President Finance.

In addition to board applicants and hopeful executives, LUSU Sustainability Commissioner Ian Kaufman was also present at the meeting to ensure last year’s sustainability referendum made it to the upcoming polls. The referendum asks Lakehead students to once again contribute an additional $2.50 to the Initiative.

“With a bigger budget, we’ll have more funds to support sustainable initiatives and programs on campus,” explained Kauffman. “With the budget as it is, I can’t do half the things I want to.”

Photo by Gary Musson/Argus