Evolution! Evolution! Evolution!

Erin Collins
News Editor

Students are invited to an upcoming science presentation by McGill biologist Dr. Andrew Hendry.

Dr. Hendry is highly regarded as an international leader in eco-evolutionary dynamics. His research subjects include Charles Darwin’s Galapagos finches, which were key in the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Titled “Humans, Evolution, and the Future of Biodiversity,” his presentation will explore the world’s current bout of mass extinction and how we can predict the evolutionary consequences of our actions. As well, Dr. Hendry will shed light on how we can proceed to preserve our world’s biodiversity.

Organizer and MSc biology student William Halliday says that “attendees can expect an informative and hopefully entertaining evening that will link the three main topics: humans, evolution, and the future of biodiversity.”

Halliday emphasizes the importance of the content: “since humans and the rest of biodiversity evolved from a common ancestor, we are inherently connected to the natural world, and not set apart from it.”

He stresses that as the futures of biodiversity and humanity are linked, we cannot ignore the current biodiversity crisis.

The presentation will take place Mar. 26 at 7 pm in the Lower Lecture Theatre (UC 0050).