What your degree can do: Business

By Nathan Ryan

The Argus

There’s no denying it, Business is one of the most marketable degrees in modern Western society. Indeed, there are various career paths for students holding a Business bachelor’s degree that offer fantastic salaries and have many rewarding opportunities.

Business Architect

People who graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree can apply to become a Business Architect. A Business Architect is responsible for organizing the structure and logistics of a business. They take the company’s purpose, and form determined goals to help the company prosper. For example, Business Architects might identify the target audience of a company, and help different departments adjust their products and services to better suit the potential customers. A Business Architect is not only the “voice” behind a company or organization, but is paid exceptionally well, starting from $110,000/year and increasing with experience. A candidate for this position must have great interpersonal skills, and have a creative mind.

Campaign and Business Development Assistant

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Commerce program are eligible to apply to be a Campaign and Business Development Assistant. Those who work in this field are in charge of coordinating the use of promotional advertising in order to help a company capture the interest of their target audience. Similar to marketers, Campaign and Business Development Assistants call potential customers and describe how the company can benefit their everyday life. The salary of a Campaign and Business Development Assistant ranges from $45,000/year and can eventually go up to $100,000/year with experience. Potential graduates must be able to work in a fast paced environment, and be informative and persuasive in order to excel in this position.

Travel Consultant

Travel consultation is a career for those who enjoy helping families and individuals to book affordable vacations. They explain attractions, hotels, and restaurants in the city to which their clients are looking to travel. Travel consultants also tell their clients about baggage limits, passport requirements, and currencies. A travel consultant is decently paid, as their salary starts at $42,000/year and can rise to over $90,000/year with experience. A candidate who applies to be a travel consultant must be determined, and have good organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills.

Humanitarian Logistician

A humanitarian logistician is a very rewarding career, as it involves coordinating the shipment of medicinal supplies and food to countries that are struggling with war or natural disasters. This highly qualified individual must schedule when supplies are shipped, and keep track of the budget. Humanitarian logisticians are employed at government agencies or private relief organizations. The pay for this position is very fair, as it starts at $40,000/year and can increase to $70,000/year with increasing experience.

Human Resources Manager

Human resource managers are responsible for teaching the hiring and disciplinary process of employees to managers of different departments. They also establish the training programs for new employees, along with preparing human resource policies. The salary for this job is exceptional, as it starts at $60,000/year and increases to over $120,000/year with experience. A human resource manager must be independent, and have great managerial, organizational, teamwork, and analytical skills.

It can be clearly identified that people who graduate with their Bachelor of Commerce have a variety of job opportunities that can be granted to them. By pursuing a business degree, students will not only have these undergraduate options open to them, but will also be eligible to obtain their Masters or Doctorate degree, which may increase the pay of these positions.