Ask Amy: Music suggestions

Dear Amy,
Can you please provide a list of bands from various genres to help me seem cool to my friends?

Yours truly,
Wannabe Hipster


Dear Wannabe Hipster,

With more than 700 albums to my name, I would never say that I could recommend music that will make you seem cool to your friends, mainly because I really don’t know what your friends listen to.

I have a very eclectic taste in music, which usually results in some people shaking their head when they hear my iPod come on.

That being said, I do have some absolute favorite artists that you may or may not like. Listen to them, though, and you may come across something you really like.

Artist 1: Ali Milner

A Vancouver native, she has a sweet sultry voice, and lyrics that are easily relatable. I discovered her when she appeared on Cover Me Canada. Her sound is a mixture of jazz, blues, and reggae.

Artist 2: Whitehorse

Husband/wife team Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland had been working together on each other’s solo albums, but decided to fully combine to form the band Whitehorse. Their first album as a band contains two reworked songs, one from each of their past projects, and six new tracks.

Artist 3: Jerrod Niemann

A country singer, and you may be shaking your head at that choice; however 1) I love country and 2) he has an unreal voice. One of his songs, “Lover Lover,” has eight background harmonies; Jerrod sings each and every one of them for the recording, displaying unreal range.

Artist 4: Streetlight Manifesto

I had to include these guys; they are an unreal ska band that is perfect to listen to when you’re driving in the car with the windows down. Streetlight has a unique sound that combines brass with punk music to create a sound that is perfect for when you really need to work out your frustrations.

Not sure if these will make you hipster, but I hope I’ve helped anyway!