Chetna Sharma


World is changing from globalization to googlization,
Darwin’s evolution is redefined,
Man is now evolved from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
Emotions, feelings and attachments have become hash tags,
Its queer to know, man is controlling internet or internet is controlling man,
Smiling and relishing the scenic beauty of nature from the bus window,
Chatting with people in buses, reading newspapers and books,
Is being replaced by earphones, nodding heads, strange faces while listening through them,
Restricting oneself to the world produced by headphones,
Curiosity to chat with strangers at bus stops, coffee shops,
Have been replaced by selfies and snap chats,
Why its so difficult to live without these electronic gadgets,
Why are they over drawing us,
Why we need to scroll through them everytime to pass time, at a waiting area, in class, before the prof starts the lecture,
Why it’s difficult to drop off your phone as soon as we see people,
Isn’t it an addiction,
Unlike important stuffs in the bag,
Phone and earphones tops the list,
Skipping through breakfast have become easier than skipping to check likes and comments on a thing you just posted,
Let you drive them, and not they,
We are a serene creation,
And not walking and talking iphones, ipdas, Macs,or Android’s,
During the last moments of life, what you want,
Google or giggle ?
What is your take ?