Letter to the Editor

Patty Hajdu Welcomes Students, Celebrates 50 years of Education in the Northwest

It’s almost September, and for Lakehead University in Thunder Bay that means welcoming hundreds of new students to campus. We are so fortunate to have such a dynamic institution in our midst; one that is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015.

I remember my early days as a part-time student in the mid-1990s and the good fortune I had to be placed in the first-year class of Paul Driben in the Department of Anthropology. Thanks to Professor Driben and other dedicated instructors like him, I was inspired and encouraged to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree, which led to me landing a pivotal role in my career in the field of public health. Now, with a master’s degree in public administration under my belt, I am proud to be the Liberal Candidate for the Federal election.

It is the foundation of education that enhances my ability to give back to my community. Lakehead has provided life-changing educational opportunities for me and for more than 57,000 graduates living around the world. I am proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and confident that Lakehead University will continue play a foundational role for us all in the decades ahead.



Patty Hajdu, Federal Liberal Candidate

Thunder Bay Superior North