MyInfo now requires weekly password updates

Due to phishing attempts on campus, Technology Services is mandating a weekly password change.

By Tim Smith, Copy Editor

It turns out 75 days was too large of a window for hackers to gain access to our accounts. Instead, to make the system more secure, Technology Services is requesting a password change once a week until you never use the email or account ever again.

To make sure you are notified of the change, there will be bulletins sent out twice unless there is an error, of course, then they will be released repeatedly throughout the day. Keep in mind, you must have your updated password to access these emails.

Technology Services would also like to remind students to avoid passwords that are easily guessed such as those pertaining to hobbies or interests. Examples of these keys include ‘Toesuckinlilpiggy69’ and ‘Whitewineorbust5oz.’ Although these passwords consist of numbers and upper- and lowercase letters, they can still be easily hacked.

The new system will commence next week, but you have until Friday to change your password. If you are stumped and unsure how you will come up with a new password each week, simply send your ideas to us at The Argus using your Lakehead email. We will help the rest of the way!

Note: Despite having a secure login, MyInfo actually has to be running properly for you to use it.