LU Wrestlers head south to compete at Nationals

Kate Beaulieu

Ten members of the Lakehead wrestling team traveled to Brock University to compete in the Canadian Junior and Senior National Wrestling Championships on Mar. 15. The event attracts the best in Canada.

The team brought with them a high school senior, AJ Faykes, who will be wrestling for Lakehead next year. Once in St. Catharines, the squad met up with Nichole Kinzel, another high school senior who will be competing on the ‘Wolves’ squad in the fall.

The team fared well at the event, bringing home two national medals. In the Junior women’s Freestyle division, Kate Beaulieu brought home a bronze, while Jake Devlin captured silver in the men’s Greco.

Others athletes on the team also faired well. Kelsey Dayler finished in sixth place and Jenny Pranger worked her way to fourth in the competition.

Although it wasn’t Lakehead’s best showing this year, the trip ended up being worth it for our student athletes. The team had the chance to watch some of the best wrestlers in the world compete during the Senior National Championships.

“It was great,” said Jenny Pranger, a first year Junior. “Even though we didn’t do our best this weekend I’m really glad we got to go. It gave us a chance to see exactly what we have to do for next year and getting to watch Seniors was amazing as well.

“Gold there is the most prestigious medal you could win in Canada and we got to watch it happen in every weight today. It was especially neat getting to watch people like Carol Huyn, an Olympic gold medalist, wrestle.”