Varsity rowing members pick up Academic Achievement award

By Shirley Meijaard 

On October 17, 2012, Elya Menzies, Sabina Haidon and Sandra Best, all members of the varsity rowing team, were presented the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Academic Achievement award.

In order to receive this award, students must be participating in a varsity sport, while maintaining an 80 percent average in full-time studies.

Varsity rowers at Lakehead University must train five or six mornings weekly until the end of their season, which goes to the last weekend of October. They must also complete several training sessions at the gym each week. Participating in rowing throughout the school year requires dedication, time management and determination.

According to the varsity rowing coach, Ron Pidgen,“It’s an achievement to be able to balance the demands of varsity level rowing with school.  It is even more impressive to be a recipient of the OUA academic achievement award.”

Sandra Best,a fourth-year of the HBSW program here at Lakehead,said she joined the rowing teamto stay active, avoid being bored and lonely,and participate in something she has never done before. Rowing prepared Sandra for her future by showing her that trying new things is not scary, and that she thrives when faced with new challenges.

The question is: how does she do it? She said that she managed to balance rowing with academicsby maintaining the mentality that school comes first, and because of that, she knew that she had to manage her time wisely in order to row.

“I think that athletics has had the single biggest impact on my academic career of anything through university,” said Best.“I don’t think that my university experience would have been even close to as much fun or vibrant without athletics.”

We, as a university,would like to congratulate these three award winners, who showed commitment and time management, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Good job, Elya, Sabina and Sandra!