It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit

And into a seriously cramped costume… for a season.

By Krysten Cripps, Sports Editor

Halloween is almost here and I’m sure everyone has their costumes ready, or are scrambling to put one together last minute. The stress of costume shopping can sometimes be overwhelming. Asking a million questions before committing to a costume; what should I be? Should I make my own, or buy one? Does it look good? Can you tell I’m trying to be (an iPod/sexy carrot/shrek)? I wonder if anyone else will wear the same thing.

You think picking out a costume for one night is hard? Imagine the pressure on the person who has to choose the costume for their team’s mascot. Not only are hundreds, if not thousands, of people going to see the costume, but the mascot costume is worn all season long, not just for one night of the year. Some teams have the idea of what a great mascot should look like figured out, but others should probably think again about their choices. Here are a couple of the best and worst mascot selections, to remind you that although your Halloween costume could possibly be better, it alsocould be a lot worse.

The Best


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This is Boomer Beaver. Boomer is the mascot for the American Minor League Baseball team the Portland Beavers. Boomer understands what a great mascot should look like. He’s a cute, cuddly beaver sporting his team’s uniform. He is ready to cheer on his team with fans of all ages. Boomer doesn’t show much emotion as he has two big buck teeth, but we know he means business through his team spirit. Overall, Boomer looks good and ready to win.


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Say hello to Nordy, the mascot for the Minnesota Wild. Nordy has the same idea as Boomer. He is what looks to be like a mix between a bear and a fox and shows his support for the Wild, suiting up like the players on the ice. Nordy is a happy and friendly mascot who always has a smile on his face reminding the fans that win or lose; we all still love our team.

The Worst


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This was the mascot for The Amarillo Sox, an independent minor league team in Texas. This mascot didn’t last long enough to have a name for obvious reasons. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say, the costume basically speaks for itself because of how horrible it is, but nonetheless I’ll comment. The costume is not only a seriously impractical design for walking around the stands and interacting with the crowd, but also distinctly ugly and uninviting. Although this guy has a smile on his face, the rest of his costume suggests he is a little too happy in public.


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The San Diego Chargers have the support of their mascot Boltman. Boltman is an interesting choice for a mascot. He is great at showing his support by wearing the Chargers jersey and sporting their team colours, but his facial expression is something that needs to be talked about. Boltman is what I would almost describe as scary. His large, forceful smile reminds me of a supervillain and his swollen arms are intimidating. Boltman definitely brings the swagger factor into play, but he’s possibly scaring off his own fellow Chargers fans.


If you’re now contemplating  whether or not you made the right costume decision for this Halloween, luckily you still have a few days to rethink or redo your costume. But don’t worry too much. I’m sure you’ll look great in whatever you choose. Happy Halloween!