Thunderwolves Basketball: Season in Review

By Krysten Cripps, Sports Editor

Rachel. Women's Basketball. PC: Katelyn Boulanger.

Rachel. Women’s Basketball. PC: Katelyn Boulanger.

The Thunderwolves women’s basketball team finished their season in fourth spot of the OUA central division with a 7-12 record on the season. For first half of the season, the team was right around .500, but were unable to keep up their play during a tough second of their season. In their final home game of the season, Emily Lerrette and Essa Jacobsen were honored in a ceremony to recognize their graduation and contribution to the ‘Wolves in their careers at Lakehead. Unfortunately, they were both unable to play this season due to injury. Coach Jon Kreiner was still very proud of his team despite what the results look like on paper as he said, “I’m very proud of our young team. We’re playing very well right now and it’s too bad we aren’t in playoffs, but I’m very happy with our development and look forward to next season.” The ‘Wolves will look to keep improving, looking for that playoff berth next season.




Henry. Mens Basketball. PC: Katelyn Boulanger.

Henry. Mens Basketball. PC: Katelyn Boulanger.

The men’s basketball team finished their regular season with a 10-9 record resulting in a third place finish in the OUA central division at the end of the regular season, giving them a playoff berth. The first game of playoffs was a rematch against the Western Mustangs in London, who the Thunderwolves lost to 84-69 in their second last game of the regular season. The Thunderwolves were able to come out on top with a tight 60-58 win over the Mustangs to advance to the quarter-finals against the Ryerson Rams. Lakehead came out firing during the quarter-final match-up leading 23-19 after the first 10 minutes of play. Unfortunately, the Thunderwolves were unable to hold onto their lead as the Rams were hot after a slow start to the game. The final score was 93-71 in favour of the Rams and this ended the Thunderwolves season. During the last home game of the season, graduating senior Alex Robichaud was honored in a ceremony to recognize his graduation and contribution to the ‘Wolves in his 5-year career at Lakehead. Coach Manny Furtado’s final words on the season were, “Our guys competed all year and tonight was no different. I’m really proud of how we grew together over the year and steadily improved. We’ll learn from tonight and this season and be better for it next season.” The Thunderwolves will look to keep up their performance for next season in hopes to claim the OUA title.