2019 LUSU Election: Candidates for VP Orillia

1. Rachel Murray

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Rachel Murray, I am running for the position of VP Orillia. I’m an anthropology student through this I have found a true passion for people. I am eager to learn and unlearn, by having an open honest conversation also recognizing my own positionality. I enjoy board games and tea. Nothing beats cuddles with my dog.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

The main reason I am involved in student politics is that I see so much potential for change and improvement that I want to help facilitate that change. Our student union can and should be transparent and accountable. This organization is for students by students which is why the soul purpose is to advocate for members. Presenting members with all the resources and information is crucial to ensure success moving forward. The reasons I get involved with student politics is to make sure students voices are heard. I believe that being accessible and approachable to our students is so important. I want to be further involved to create unity between campuses, advocate for students and always make sure that I am consulting the students on a regular basis.

What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected?

If elected for VP Orillia here are just a few things I would like to accomplish: student engagement, to grow our volunteer team. For the upcoming year, I want to be accessible on campus, I want to listen to what folks have to say. I will make an effort to unite our main campus here in Orillia AND our downtown campus at Heritage Place. I will work with our Thunder Bay campus to create a sense of intercampus unity. As members, you will have a greater knowledge of where the fees you’ve paid are going and why.

My name is Rachel Murray and I want to be your Vice President Orillia.


2. Theresa VandeBurgt

The Argus has not received a response to the provided questions from Theresa VandeBurgt. Her candidate profile has been published instead.

As I am running for my second term as Vice-President Orillia, I already have some experience in the position. Over this past year I have had the opportunity to get to know students across Lakehead, especially on the Orillia campuses, and advocate on their behalf. I got to take part in planning orientation on the Orillia campus, and helped bring great activities such as goat yoga to the table. Throughout the year I’ve worked on projects such as the water bottle free campus initiative, which came to fruition in January, and a free breakfast program once a month.

I’m not done yet. If elected for another term, I will continue to advocate for more sustainability initiatives on campus such as composting, and eliminating more waste on campus. I will work hard to untie all Lakehead campuses, while recognizing their unique differences. I will continue to work with the City of Orillia to improve transit for students. I will continue to work on more food secure initiatives on campus. I do hope you will consider electing me for a second term, and cannot wait to continue this journey with you all.


All candidates were asked the same three questions. Photos, candidate profiles and responses and were provided to The Argus by the candidates via Chief Returning Officer, Scott Klassens. They appear in the order they were sent and have not been edited.