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We’re always looking for new contributors to write and take photos throughout the year, so feel free to contact us anytime to find out how to become a contributor.

We’re always recruiting talented, passionate writers, journalists, photographers, and artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, majors, interests, and experience levels. Join our team and become a part of a half-century old tradition at Lakehead University.

So you want to write for the Argus?

Or maybe you want to draw us some comics. Great!

All students start out as contributors and work their way up to full membership.  The more you contribute, the faster you can apply for membership and get paid up to $15 per article that’s published (including your previously-unpaid ones).

Here’s the quick breakdown of the process:

  • Apply to become a contributor
  • Contribute at least three articles, photographs, illustrations, and/or comics
  • Apply for membership

Applying to become a contributor

We invite you to come by the Argus office, located in UC-2014B (right down hall from Financial Aid), and get to know us a bit. You’ll have the opportunity to see how we work and ask us questions.

Don’t forget to bring a copy of the Contributor Information Form.  It’s just a brief questionnaire that we use to find out what sort of things you are interested in writing about and what section(s) of the paper interest you the most.

We’ll also ask you to bring along some samples of your work — at least three different pieces — and attach it to the form.

For writing samples, we’ll accept any non-fiction work — they can be school essays, stories you wrote for other newspapers (even the Argus!), pieces you wrote for fun — whatever you think is a good representation of your writing style and skill.  If you don’t have any sample work, pick any current event (it doesn’t have to be in news) and write about it!  Samples should be at least 400 words.

For photo, illustration, or comic samples, we prefer ones that portray as much of your talent as possible.  Photographers should have a good mix of shots ranging from action stills to portraits.  Let us know what sort of work  you want to do for the Argus, too.  Do you enjoy taking photos of sporting events?  Do you enjoy photojournalism?

What if you don’t write? What if you’re interested in layout and newspaper design? We want to hear from you!  You don’t need to bring us any samples, but if you happen to have a portfolio, even better.

Once we have your information form and samples, and we’ve had a chance to look over them, we’ll invite you to our next story meeting (they usually take place on Mondays in the mid-afternoon) where you can start picking up some stories (or make some suggestions of your own).

To recap:

  • Fill out a Contributor Information Form.
  • Submit at least three samples of your work.
  • Get invited to our next story meeting and start writing!

Applying to become a member

Once you’ve contributed at least three published works, you’re eligible for membership in the Argus.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Honourarium of up to $15.00 per published article.
    • This includes any that have been published before you became a member.
  • Use of the coveted Argus tag in your byline.
  • Access to a press pass, which comes in handy for covering official events. We also have agreements in-place where you can get into a place for free in exchange for covering an event.
  • A bunch of office perks, voting power at certain Argus meetings, and much more.
  • Most importantly, the chance to participate in a 50 year old tradition at LU with a legacy predating the founding of the student union.

In order to apply for membership you must:

The Request for Admission letter should highlight your current contributions to the Argus, as well as talk about what you’re going to contribute in the future. Members are expected to make at least one contribution every month in which the newspaper is published at least twice.

The Executive will review your application and letter, and will make a decision on whether or not to grant membership.

The Argus only grants membership to those contributors who meet the high standards set out by the editors in conjunction with the newspaper’s half-century legacy.

If you have any questions about Argus membership, or about the newspaper in general, we invite you to contact us.

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